Sunday, January 17, 2010

the drool brothers

i'm the co-genre director at WEFT for rock. part of the job entails getting brand-new releases from indie-label bands. sometimes we even get little treasures, like band buttons, postcards, and stickers. lo and behold,  i found this sticker in our new-release pile today. isn't the typeface fab? it reminds me of 1960s british invasion bands—the kinks, the who, manfred mann.

the serifs are lively; they almost look like little legs jutting out of the letters. and i love how the "R"s curve. i haven't found the typeface's name yet, but it looks like something that house industries developed. (i love, love, love their typefaces.) the "the" looks like it's in a different typeface.

i haven't heard the drool brothers yet, so i don't know if they're any good. with this sweet typeface, i kinda hope they're awesome. the typeface actually sets high expectations for me: i expect fun. i expect melody. i expect suits and ties. we'll see...

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