Tuesday, March 30, 2010

with spring comes inspiration

...and a weekend in beautiful iowa city  helps, too. at this wicked cool shop, the soap opera, i found a line of gorgeously designed packaging created by the self-taught illustrator (and soap maven) margot elena. she has a few exciting product lines (including the whimsical love + toast), but her tokyo milk stuff REALLY caught my eye, specifically the design. it's so delicious it makes my teeth hurt.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


this display typeface is called Brazil Pixo Reto. the serifs are wild—crooked in some places, bent in others. some serifs seem completely unnecessary, as you can see in the "v." it reminds me of frayed nerves, which is what mine are.

this display typeface is called Whatever. i can read the word "crazy," but the next one is illegible. it looks like someone was using a quill pen, the ink ran out, and the writer got mad and started scratching the words on paper in frustration.


i'm uninspired. i'm burned out. not on class, but by life in general. my two jobs are wearing me down, my neuropathy's the worst it's ever been, and i can't keep up with...well...anything. i wonder if i can find any typefaces that describe the way i feel. be right back.