Sunday, December 11, 2011

poster campaign

this is part of a poster campaign created by Wing for the 2011 new york international latino film festival. the campaign is designed to bring awareness to the stereotyping as well as shortage of latinos in mainstream hollywood films. this particular poster shows the occupations of latinas in movies, indicating that the majority are cast as maids. source: gd usa, september 2011.

mojo editorial design #3

rounding out this semester's worth of mojo magazines (december 2011), this collection of editorial design once again impresses. it must be a lot of fun to design editorial layouts based on bands!

logo design

designed by tom kirsch at GSD&M for king pin bowling in austin, tx, this logo is deceptively simple—and absolutely perfect. source: print design annual, november/december 2004.

poster design

i can't seem to go a semester without posting design by one of the two garys—baseman & taxali. here are a couple poster designs from the former, for Yee-Haw Industries in knoxville, tn. Source: print design annual, november/december 2004.

book cover design

as someone who's worked as a copyeditor and proofreader, i can appreciate this. designed by Louise Fili, Ltd., in nyc. source: print design annual, november/december 2004.

more awesome typography

from the june/july 2011 issue of bust. this is the headline of an article about florence welch (of florence + the machine). i'm continually amazed at designers' creativity when it comes to lettering and typography.

cool, lo-fi package design

i saw this in the june/july 2011 issue of Bust. it's a picnic set by boxsal, and includes large & small bowls, utensils, cups, napkins, a trash bag and trays. i love the box!