Friday, January 22, 2010

beauty type

okay, i'll admit it: i totally am a cosmetics junkie. i love skin care and hair gunk and makeup and basically any potion that i can afford (and can't afford, for that matter). so i'm channeling my lust for beauty products into a lust for typefaces on beauty products. here are three of my faves.

origins plays up the fact that their stuff's purely nature-based and without a ton of chemicals. the typeface, which i believe to be Cyan Sans Bold, is stark, simple, and sparse.

philosophy is similar, though not so focused on nature. the packaging on philosophy products consists solely of copy. as a copywriter, i was always taught that too much copy was BAAAD. but for philosophy, it works. the products possess a clinical expert's feel, yet the look is clean and beautiful. the typeface is most likely Janson URW T Light. (it also resembles Indigo P Regular, or even Garamond MT.)

i'm just wildly guessing here, but the deva logo typeface looks uncannily identical to the one designers love and loathe: Helvetica. deva's products are designed specifically for curly hair, so the plain lettering might suggest simplicity and ease--something curly girls desperately need with hair care (trust me. i have curly hair, so i know).

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