Monday, April 4, 2011

brochure design research

okay, so these aren't trifolds like we were assigned to design (one's actually a poster), but the way these pieces communicate to their audiences is inspiring. take a look. all have a cohesive feel throughout; the panels aren't separated into different looks. information flows seamlessly. a few highlights: the calendar. simple, colorful, clever and useful. the slanted design of the canadian water poster. (would that work with a trifold? hmmmm...) and the distressed look of the book event brochure (cleverly crafted to look handmade, which is the theme of the event). that's the challenge of the trifold brochure assignment: how to inform the audience of champaign surplus's offerings by presenting information in a clear, concise manner, yet crafting an engaging, cohesive design.

Silver Joe's Coffee Company brochure
C3 Brandworks

Palm Beach Community College Graphic Design Program brochure
Entropia Design Studio

Architecture Week picnic event brochure/poster
RGB Design Studio

2008 calendar brochure (self promotion)
Jonathan Davies

Water Footprint of Nations Study poster
Timm Kekeritz

Bristol Artists Book Event brochure
Ginger Monkey


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