Sunday, February 13, 2011

Homework 3

for design 1, i chose bauhaus. i used futura because the typeface was introduced in germany in 1928, and considered an influential type for the era. i based the design on herbert matter's use of extreme photographic scale. (by the way, the line bordering the bottom of the image might be a formatting issue; it's not on the original.)

for design 2, i chose international, or swiss, style. growing from bauhaus, it "uses the grid, asymmetry, and minimal typographic contrast to show hierarchy," according to our text. i didn't think using a photo would be necessary for this design; even in the abstract category, the images weren't simple enough. instead, i inserted a red rectangle as a design element. red, not only because it typifies swiss style, but the term "comparative contextual analysis" is a criminal justice term. the red represents the concept of emergency, as well as blood.

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