Sunday, January 30, 2011

book design inspiration III — chapter pages

these are pages that start a chapter. (duh.) my favorite is the top example ("summer of love"). it's simple. the chapter is numeric. the chapter name is large, easy to read (maybe helvetica?), and positioned close to the chapter number. both are right-justified. the first line of the text starts off in bold call caps. the page number is at the bottom right. it doesn't create unnecessary work. all the reader has to do is read the story. the middle example is a little busy, but good for the context of the book, which is based around the concept of a mixtape. the chapter page features an actual track listing of a mixtape made in the year the chapter describes. it sets the stage for the story. the text begins with a large initial cap, with two words in italics. the last example is also crisp and easy to read, left-justified. the chapter includes the number, the name of the chapter, and a brief description of the chapter, which lets the reader know what's to come.

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