Tuesday, August 31, 2010

graphic design example

i found this award-winning poster series in communication arts' 50th anniversary issue (from november/december 2009). the messages are stark, simple, and hard-hitting. they need no further explanation—the imagery says it all.

for me, this series is one of the best examples for explaining the aim of good graphic design. it grabs the viewer's attention, it's intelligent, and it forces the viewer to react (and thus, act).

props to the team who developed it:
art directors: jeremy boland/nick kamei
designer: eric stevens, tower of babel
creative director: terry schneider
writers: jeremy boland/john heinsma/bem jimmerson
agency: borders perrin norrander, portland, oregon
client: willamette week


  1. This is one interesting choice you have here Christy, I really like it! It reminds me of how effed up our country is with our bass ackward healthcare system the way it is. And Yes rocks, by the way. =)

  2. I think I commented on the forum about this blog entry, but I have to say, This image really has a great political tone. It is very creative and well done. To me it is trying to inspire voters via reverse message. By saying that the Healthcare system is backwards and "Don't Vote", it is saying if you see the problem, you "Should Vote".