Sunday, February 14, 2010

vespa—the typeface

look at these vespa scooters. aren't they marvelous? one of my life's goals is getting one. my mouth starts involuntarily salivating whenever i pass illini scooters here in town. i imagine myself as some hot italian actress in a late 1950s fellini movie, wind in my hair, breezing through streets of florence in huge black sunglasses on my gorgeous pink vespa. ahhh.

anyway, there are actually two typefaces i've discovered that celebrate this stunning vehicle. i gotta give the blog who rides a vespa? props—that's where i found them. both are based on the metal shields on the scooter.

the first one's called primavera (after an actual vespa model)—based on the typeface vespa used between 1974 and 2001.

the second is called vespa, based on vespa's script lettering. it was developed by markus dott of germany.

while the first typeface is accessible and readable, the second can be a bit hard to read. plus, it's missing some uppercase and lowercase characters. it's whimsical and lovely, though, and when i see it, i'm once again transported to italy.

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