Wednesday, September 9, 2009


ever experience pure, unfiltered panic where you can't think, can't move, can't articulate, and you definitely, definitely can't create? that's me, with a particular assignment that's been the bane of my existence for over a week.

the squares.

using adobe illustrator, i'm supposed to arrange groups of squares to represent unity. sounds easy enough, and by sneakily peering at my classmates' work, they get it. but i'm frozen. adobe illustrator renders me helpless, zapping my brain and hands stiff as rigor mortis.

i feel that whatever i come up with will be boring. uncreative. generic. stupid. everything i've created so far looks like the purina dog chow logo. i can't think beyond squares. checkers. chess. tic-tac-toe. crossword puzzles. disco dance floors.


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